Construction work at Lakeland Airport

Unparalleled Growth!

Lakeland Linder International Airport (LAL) is always on the move with an eye on enhancing and expanding our capabilities, capacity, and offerings to the aviation community. Over the past 10 years alone more than 300 million dollars have been invested into infrastructure at LAL including a new Air Traffic Control Tower, Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) Station, Taxiways, Ramps, Runway Rehabilitation, and a new Instrument Landing System (SA CAT II ILS). Check below for updates on current and planned projects at LAL.

Northeast Taxiways Rehabilitation

Taxiways A (west of Runway 5/23), B (south of Runway 9/27), and C are currently being rehabilitated with estimated completion in the Spring of 2021. This project is critical as these pavements have reached a condition of Poor and are in needed of rehabilitation to extend their usefully life.

CAT III ILS (Instrument Landing System)

With the start of commercial air cargo operations in addition to supporting other tenant operational needs the airport is subsequently upgrading our SA CAT II ILS to a CAT III ILS lowing the required minimums and allowing aircraft to land at LAL in weather with lower visibility. This project will require the relocation of Taxiway P to accommodate proper positioning of the Glide Slope in addition to the installation of in-pavement lighting on Runway 9/27. Additional items will include a new approach lighting system (upgrading from a MALSR to an ALSF-2) and the development of a Surface Movement Guidance and Control System Plan (SMGCS) to provide for safe aircraft operations in near zero visibility. Construction of the SA CAT II ILS was completed in March of 2020 and the full CAT III ILS is scheduled for completion in October of 2021.

Contractor Information

To register as a supplier, view current solicitations, or check bid tabulations please visit the City of Lakeland's Purchasing website at .

Draft Environmental Assessment for Phase II Air Cargo Facility Development

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