Airport Frequencies

ATIS     118.025
 AWOS-3PT    118.025   Tel.  863-834-2030
 Lakeland Tower    124.5   236.775   Tel. 863-834-3335
 Lakeland Ground    121.4
 Tampa Approach    119.9   120.65   290.3 
Tampa Departure    119.9   120.65   290.3
 CTAF    124.5
UNICOM    122.95

NOTAM Information

For NOTAM Information visit FAA Pilot Webs

Fuel Information

Jet-A & 100LL Available 24/7 (Full Service 0600 - 2200 Local)
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FBO Information


Hours of Operation 0600 - 2200 Local / 365 Days a Year
Phone: 863-647-3911
Phone (After Hours): 863-661-4297
General Manager: Andy Castro 
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Location Information 

Located 04 miles SW of Lakeland, Florida on 1710 acres of land.
Surveyed Elevation is 142 feet MSL.
Magnetic Variation from 2000 is 4 degrees West.

Air Traffic Services

Class D Services 0600 - 2200 Local / 365 Days a Year
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LAL VOR/TAC Located on Field
ILS, VOR, and GPS Approaches Available
For further information consult the Southest U.S. Approach Plates, Southeast U.S. AFD, Tampa VFR Sectional and applicable IFR Charts
Third Party Informational Sites:

Runway Information

Runway 09/27
Dimensions    8499 x 150 feet
Weight Limits    PCN 40 F/A/X/T (S-105   D-170   2S-175)
Edge Lighting    High Intensity
Approach Lighting    MALSR
Runway 05/23
Dimensions     5005 x 150 feet 
Weight Limits    PCN 35 F/A/X/T (S-94   D-150   2S-93)
Edge Lighting    High Intensity

Runway 08/26 (Prior Permission Required)
Dimensions     2205 x 60 feet
Weight Limits    Turf

Aircraft Rescue & Firefighting Services (ARFF)

The Lakeland Airport is certified under CFR Part 139 as a Class 1 Airport, with ARFF Index B, Index C services available on request. Lakeland's Aircraft Rescue & Firefighting Services (ARFF) Station #7 is manned 24 hours a day by City of Lakeland Firefighters.