Commercial Service Initiative 

- Why air service makes sense at Lakeland.  

- Economic impact of proposed new air service at Lakeland. 

- True Market and Leakage Study. 

- With a population of 623,000 residents and 28.4% growth since 2000, Lakeland is one of the largest MSAs in Florida and one of the fastest-growing MSAs in the U.S.

- Lakeland's catchment area generates about 3,556 PDEW; 61.2% via Orlando International Airport and 34.0% to Tampa International Airport.

- Lakeland's catchment area generates about 385 PDEW to New York City, and is the largest Lakeland market.

- Lakeland's catchment area generates about 200 PDEW to Washington, DC, Baltimore region ranks as the 2nd largest Lakeland market.

- Both Orlando and Tampa have lost capacity and passenger traffic over the last ten years. 

- Lakeland Linder International Airport will provide an attractive package of incentives including marketing support, revenue sharing and no rent or landing fees for the first two years.